93 of Cabotage Feast. Year Celebrated in Istanbul with Various Events

year of cabotage holiday celebrated in Istanbul with various activities
year of cabotage holiday celebrated in Istanbul with various activities

1 July Nautical and Cabotage Feast 93. was celebrated in Istanbul with various events. IMM supported the celebrations with 20 ships and various events. İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu also published a message on social media celebrating the anniversary of the Cabotage Day. IMAMOGLU: “CABOTAGE IS OUR INDEPENDENCE IN THE SEA”

1 July 1926'da Cabotage Law entered into force as a national holiday declared Maritime and Cabotage Day 93. The year is celebrated with various events to be held throughout Istanbul.

Ekrem İmamoğlu, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, said in his message on the Cabotage Feast that he shared from social media: 1 years later, at the same time Turkey is a maritime country, deserves to be much better in the maritime trade and transport at one point. Happy maritime and #CabotageFeast, yaz he wrote.


The event program organized by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, the Istanbul Governorate and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality started to be carried out on the piers and beaches throughout the city.

In the morning, 10.00'da Besiktas Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha Monument in front of the National Anthem and the moment of silence in the program, the ceremony by the protocol that participated in the speeches indicating the importance of the day was made. After visiting the tomb of Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha in the area, the Maritime Museum was visited.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) supports the celebrations with the exhibition of sea surface cleaning boats and interesting wastes. IMM boats will also include boats, water shows off the clock off the clock Besiktas Besiktas. The ginç Interesting Wastes from the Sea tarafından exhibition organized by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Marine Services and İSTAÇ was displayed all day in Beşiktaş Square.

IMM Directorate of Disabled People Mehter Team, Besiktas Square, held within the scope of Kabotaj Feast ceremony gave a concert followed by citizens with appreciation. 1 July Maritime and Cabotage Day events were open to Istanbul residents free of charge.

Within the scope of the Maritime and Cabotage Day celebrations of the Ministry of Defense, 23 announced that the 26 ship 1 has been opened to the citizens on July 2019.

Various marine sports races will be held in Istanbul, the celebrations will continue throughout Istanbul. Celebrations; ITU, General Directorate of Coastal Safety, North Sea Field Command, Tuzla Naval Academy, Istanbul Naval Museum, Besiktas Municipality, TURMEPA, Fashion Sea Club, Seafarers Solidarity Association, DENTUR EURASIA and TURYOL supported.


The cabotage privilege granted to foreign ships by the Ottoman Empire within the framework of capitulations was abolished in 1923 with the Lausanne Peace Treaty. 20 was adopted on April 1926. Cabotage Law 1 entered into force in July 1926. rivers, lakes, the Sea of ​​Marmara and the straits, in all land waters and the remaining bays, ports, bays and similar places, machinery, sailing and rowing moving vehicles; the right to carry goods and passengers with them was given to Turkish citizens. diver, pilot, captain, wheel, crew and similar professions can be fulfilled by Turkish citizens said. It was accepted that foreign ships could carry people and cargo only between Turkish ports and the ports of foreign countries.

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