7 Electric Train Arrives in Bursa

electric train arrives in Bursa
electric train arrives in Bursa

It was either 1990 or 1991.
We went to a train accident while working in the building of Bursa Hakimiyet in Fomara Han.
He was in Gökçedağ, a district of Harmancık on the Kütahya border of Bursa.
As we recall;
Black train, derailed, some passengers on the train were also slightly injured.
The next day;
The Bursa Hakimiyet headline had the title tren Train accident in Bursa..
This title was surprising.
There were no trains in Bursa and most of the people in Bursa did not even know that there was a train passing through Harmancık.
We have heard that the first electric train service has started from this Gökçedağ Train Station in Harmancık.
Balıkesir-Eskişehir will be between the first time that Harmancık'tan, in other words, Bursa will also have passed.
There is no train in Bursa.
It will be recalled.
In 2012, a magnificent groundbreaking ceremony was held at the Parade in Bursa.
The period;
Transportation Minister Binali Yildirim, Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc, Labor Minister Faruk Celik, TCDD General Manager, MPs and bureaucrats with the participation of many people, the first step of the High Speed ​​Train Project, the foundation of the 75 kilometer Bursa-Yenisehir line was laid.
The train would come to Bursa.
High-speed train.
Supposedly, we would go to Ankara in 2 hour 15 minute.
The people of Bursa would start using this train at the latest in 2016.
This 7 year has passed over this resplendent ceremony.
According to the planning, we would have been using the 3 High Speed ​​Train for years.
Fast train that doesn't even look at the end of the tunnel.
It seems;
The Bursa-Mudanya line has been closed and dismantled by a law in 1953 and disconnected from iron networks, Bursa will not be able to relieve the yearning of 66 for a while. (Okan Tuna - Bursahakimiyet)

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