YOLDER Attended the Collective Workshop on Transportation Officer-Sen

yolder transport officer you participated in collective bargaining
yolder transport officer you participated in collective bargaining

📩 28/06/2019 14:42

The Association of Solidarity and Solidarity of Railway Maintenance Personnel (YOLDER) participated in the Collective Contract Workshop organized by the Transportation Officer-Sen Headquarters before the 2020-2021-Term Collective Bargaining negotiations covering the 5-XNUMX period.

In the workshop where 18 Association was invited under the chairmanship of Kenan Çalışkan, Chairman of Transportation Officer-Sen, Yolder Vice Chairman Suat Ocak shared his opinions and suggestions. In the meeting where YOLDER Chairman Şakir Kaya could not attend due to the intensive work and association agenda, our Vice President Suat Ocak expressed the problems that our members expect to be resolved in the collective bargaining agreement.

Transport Officer-Sen Headquarters, which brings together associations operating in the transportation service to determine the issues to be taken to the collective agreement to be held in August this year, will share the collective agreement requests with the public in July.

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