YETSİS Introduces CTU ERP Information System

yetsis introduced ctu erp information system
yetsis introduced ctu erp information system

CTU ERP is a complex system that combines many features such as project management, machine park, personnel management, inventory control, purchasing procedure, document and inventory management. Prepared for companies with construction sites or multi-business structure.

Thanks to its modular structure, it is an easily integrable system for companies operating in other business areas.

The aim of CTU is to accelerate the operation of the company and to ensure access to data at any time and to control the control of all its operations with the healthy access of the data. The system hierarchy is designed to operate from the bottom up.

It provides the flow of information and statistics starting from the sites / regions connected to the company to the highest level. The system is modular and designed to be adapted to any company.

The user-friendly system has been simplified as much as possible, and has been designed so that it does not tire the operating personnel. You have access, analysis and reporting in seconds, even on the most important issues that require time and attention, from job contracts to project management, from manufacturing tracking to approximate cost.
In vehicle management, it is sufficient to enter the license plate of the vehicle. Brand, model and other features come from the machine park automatically.

To give another example, it is sufficient to enter only the person's identification number in personnel transactions. With the early warning systems, insurance, insurance, vehicle inspection, etc., informs the user by giving 30 day notice.

No user, job site restriction or user, job site fee!

CTU - ERP allows you to monitor your company's construction sites instantly from any device with internet access. It is one step ahead with its user-friendly interface between site monitoring programs.

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