World Trade Accelerates by Railway

world trade accelerates with railway
world trade accelerates with railway

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Turhan said that there has been significant changes in the course of world trade recently and that the axis of global trade has shifted to the east more and more every day.

Stating that there are substantial alternatives to western-based global institutional structures in the east, as in the Belt and Road Initiative project, Turhan said:

Ürün Currently, the product coming from China reaches the European market in 45 days to 2 months. When our high speed and YHT projects are completed, the train from China will reach Europe in 17 day. We have completed more than 2 kilometers of 500 thousand kilometers of this project in our country. The high-speed train project over the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge continues. also Halkalı-We also started the Kapikule railway project. These will enable our industrialists and farmers to reach their international markets in the shortest time and with the least cost. As we have seen, we continue to work for our country. Yes, there are those who put obstacles in front of us, there are those who opened trenches, but we will continue on our way regardless. ” (Ltd.)

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