Works on Kağıthane Nostalgic Dekovil Line Continues

Kagithane Nostalgic Decovil Line Works Ongoing
Kagithane Nostalgic Decovil Line Works Ongoing

Kağıthane Municipality, Sözcü'Kağıthane nostalgic decovil line construction has stopped', the report continued work by continuing with the statement said. In the statement, araç Due to the intensity of vehicle and pedestrian traffic caused by Ramadan activities in Hasbahçe on the line, the work was interrupted at certain times. As a result of these breaks, a period has been added to the related company in addition to the date specified in the contract ild.

In a statement about the nostalgic decovil line made by Kağıthane Municipality, the work on the line was completed as of March, the work of laying the rails was recorded. Stating that the landscaping works started later, he continued, “In the current process, the electromechanical testing process of the train has started. Durak steel constructions have been completed and received by our municipality. Installation is done following environmental regulations. There are 4 stops on the existing line. The wagons are protected and guarded by specially assigned security personnel and maintenance personnel. The train does not have any physical flaws.. The statement included the following information.


“The contract period with the contractor firm that undertakes the project also continues. Due to the intensity of the vehicle and pedestrian traffic created by the Ramadan activities in Hasbahçe on the line, the works were compulsory at certain times. As a result of these breaks, a period has been added to the related company in addition to the date specified in the contract. The claim that the train was left to rot is absolutely wrong. There can be no rotting or aging. The service life of the train is predicted for tens of years. Our train waits for the day it will serve as ready to use as the first day. ”


In the continuation of the statement, “Our train, known as the Kagithane Train of the Golden Horn Black Sea Sahara Line in history, which is composed of 3 wagons and 2 locomotives on a 2-kilometer line, was produced by Turkish engineers in Ankara Polatlı with local and national facilities. Despite its nostalgic appearance, it is environmentally friendly. It is supported by solar energy. It does not emit carbon with zero emissions. It complies with the green step criteria. It is far from glamor, flaunt and exaggeration. All rail system route junctions are separated by borders except traffic crossings. There are no problems that put security at risk. Besides, the Historical Dekovil Line has an important place in terms of district history. ”


Finally, in the statement referring to the historical development of the train, “Gun and coal were transported to Anatolia during the War and Independence periods with this train, also known as the Kağıthane train in history. We will present this cultural heritage, which has been forgotten after 100 years, to young generations. The contribution of our district to the knowledge of its culture and history will be great. After all it is important for such a project implemented for the first time in Turkey. For this reason, this initiative should be supported instead of preventing it. The Kağıthane Train will be on the tracks again as soon as in history, but this time it will work for the transportation, culture and tourism of our Istanbul. ”

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