Faulty road in Van will be re-paved under warranty

faulty road to be re-paved under warranty
faulty road to be re-paved under warranty

The road, which was contracted by Van Metropolitan Municipality in 2018 and which has a contractor error, will be re-paved.

Van Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department by the tender in 2018 asphalted Old Prison Street, found faulty after the controls. Deteriorated, collapsed and laboratory results in the scope of the contract after the asphalt quality assurance and guarantee in the Metropolitan Municipality 2 kilometer road will be re-asphalted. Asphalt road construction machinery began to be removed from the road, in the next week, the entire road will be re-paved to traffic.

Assistant Secretary General Orhan Şenkaya, Cihan Gümüşlü, Head of the Construction and Maintenance Department, Cetin Çiftçi, Head of the Department of Science Affairs, received information from the company officials. Stating that the road was paved in 2018, Deputy Secretary General Şenkaya said, “As a result of the detections, we have determined that the road has been severely damaged. As we covered the warranty on the road, we had the company re-paved the road. The company started to work on the way under the warranty. We will re-open the road to the service of our people as soon as possible. ”

After the road examination, Şenkaya and those accompanying him, went to the asphalt laboratory in the asphalt construction site connected to the Department of Maintenance and Repair of Road Construction. Şenkaya came together with the employees here, chatting with technical staff, received information.

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