Countdown for TÜVASAŞ's High Speed ​​Train Sets has started

The first aluminum body train set to be produced on canvas
The first aluminum body train set to be produced on canvas

“The first of the Aluminum Body Electric Train Sets to be produced in TÜVASAŞ 'factory will hopefully be on the rails at the end of the year. With the knowledge and technical capabilities to be gained from this project, 225 kilometers of Electric Train Sets, whose design work continues, will meet the rails at the end of 2020. The countdown has begun for the production of High Speed ​​Train sets of TÜVASAŞ. "

Minister Turhan, Turkey Wagon Industry AŞ (TÜVASAŞ) has completed the construction of the campus in Adapazari "Aluminum Rail Vehicle Body Manufacturing Plant" participated in the opening ceremony.

Turhan pointed out that transportation is one of the most visible criteria revealing the nakedness of a country's development, and that transportation constitutes the driving force in the societies' development, prosperity and social moves.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan emphasized that the mobilization of transport launched Turhan, railways, the share of this mobilization, he said.

Minister Turhan, the average 1950 kilometers per year after the 18 kilometer railway, while the AK Party government during the year by building an average of 135 kilometers of railway construction, put into service, said:

Demiryolu For almost half a century, a single nail has not been nailed, almost abandoned and the people began to forget the railway. As a result, the lines left to be decayed by carelessness have been replaced by modern trains, and trains such as kağı have been replaced by high-speed trains. We have connected the continents as we have connected our cities by rail. In other words, it has become possible to reach London from Beijing by rail without interruption. Marmaray Restaurant Reviews, Gebze Halkalı Suburban Line, urban subway, High Speed ​​Train lines, reform services such as Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Project. Just last week, Halkalı- Kapıkule Railway Line Project Çerkezköy-We made tenders and signed the contract by making use of European Union grant loan funds to make Kapıkule segment. Our ultimate aim is to realize the love of the railway and the dream of the railway in the sense of a nation who built the Hejaz Railway by increasing its teeth. Diş

Turhan underlined that they attach great importance to the development of the domestic and national railway industry and said, “Every time an entrepreneur tried to make a national industrial move in this country, it was stopped. We tried to make an airplane, it was blocked. We tried to build locomotives, it was blocked. We tried to make cars, it was cut off. We tried to make communication tools and mobile phones. But praise be to the national industry in our country now has a strong power. We have a great leader who is determined to serve this country, this nation with determination. U

“We opened the way for the private sector”

Turhan Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, in line with this goal by making all kinds of legal arrangements by the state said they opened the way for the private sector, the private sector in the world by watching carefully, said they want to apply the new developments in the country.

Turhan emphasized that they have formed a serious national railway industry in the last 16 years, high speed train and metro vehicles in Sakarya, high speed train shears in Çankırı, railway sleepers manufacturing in Sivas, Sakarya, Afyon, Konya and Ankara, rail connection materials in Erzincan. producing plants.

Turhan stated that they started to produce high speed train rails to KARDEMİR and that they went to cooperation with Makine Kimya for the production of wheels in Kırıkkale. We produced a total of one thousand 2018 conventional freight wagons by TÜLOMSAŞ and TÜDEMSAŞ at 150. 2018 around the world. As a country, we produced the hybrid locomotive which can work as diesel and battery powered as a prototype. We're moving for all this. We are spreading the foundations of our national industry across the country. ”

Turhan stated that the change and transformation experienced by TÜVASAŞ summarized the success achieved in the railway industry in a very short time.

“TÜVASAŞ, which was established as a Wagon Repair Workshop in 1951, has become the largest rail system vehicle manufacturer in the Middle East today. TÜVASAŞ, which reads and analyzes the changing and developing world conditions well, is in the position of an enterprise that we are all proud of by completing its strategic transformation by increasing the competitive potential in the sector. In this way, besides our country getting rid of foreign dependency in the field of rail vehicles, our economy is also important. kazanhas achieved. Hopefully, success will be achieved in the design and production of National Electric Train Sets. In this sense, this facility, which we have opened, is of great importance. Hopefully, the first of the Aluminum Body Electric Train Sets to be produced here will be put on the rails at the end of the year. With the know-how and technical capabilities to be gained from this project, the Electric Train Sets with a speed of 225 kilometers, whose design studies are continuing, will meet on the rails at the end of 2020. In other words, the countdown has begun for TÜVASAŞ's production of High Speed ​​​​Train sets.”

Millet This nation will determine its own destiny ”

Minister Turhan, national automobile, national defense systems and national aircraft to make an important progress in the activities of industrial facilities, he said.

Turhan said that work is underway to make the national plane and said:

“Our national helicopter is flapping its wings in the air. Our national UAVs, SİHAs are the envy of everyone in the world today. Airplanes we market to the world. Today, with the development of our national industry in our country, we produce 70 percent of the vehicles we use in defense industry in our country. That is why those who cannot attract us, those who look at us with envy, those who see us as rivals, create some obstacles for us. They threaten us in some ways. With the embargo on terror, the economy, corruption, and even political cooperation… This nation will not be deceived. We are full of such delusions until our throat. After that, this nation will determine its own destiny, will draw its own path. He also determined this and removed his leader. I hope we will reach the range together with the aim he aims under his leadership. Nobody doubts that. The more we see and experience these beautiful developments and events in our country, the more confident we will be. ”

Minister Turhan wished success to 65 workers and 10 engineers who will work in the factory that was opened and wished success to this strategically important factory to the country. kazanHe also congratulated the TÜVASAŞ family, who came out of this job with great enthusiasm.

Following his speech, Minister Turhan cut the opening ribbon with the attendants and visited the factory and received information from the authorities.

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