Consumers in Turkey's Automobile Design The Owner Had Den

turkiyenin was the owner of said consumer in car design
turkiyenin was the owner of said consumer in car design

Author of the morning Horizons Fund, will be promoted in December of consumers in the design of the car also said that Turkey have a say.

Horizon Chest, (Sabah'Ta "Turkey has designed the car to consumers" in an article published under the title "presentation will be held in December in the design of the cars consumers did have a say in Turkey. Turkish customers were asked about their needs and expectations. These were taken into consideration in interior and exterior design ”.

Fund continued as follows: "Turkey Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG) gained momentum entering the first year of the studies. While the prototype is being prepared on the one hand, work is underway to determine the brand and model name on the other. TOGG plans to showcase the prototype of the vehicle in the range and promote the brand. 2021'de mass production will begin in the first half of the car 2022'nin is expected to hit the road. According to the program will be available for sale in the first vehicle will be C-SUV, but the number of models until 2030 5'i will find. In addition, the face-lift of the 3 model will take place until then. Meanwhile, the design of the car appeared to have a say in Turkish consumers. In clinical trials, customers were asked about their needs and expectations. These were taken into account in interior and exterior design.

TOGG CEO Gurcan Karakas, why a vehicle in the C-SUV segment was selected as follows: We found that the demand for an SUV in the C segment is high in our country's market. According to forecasts, 2-7 sedan market in the year 8-1 percent, SUVs will grow over 2 percent. So we decided that our first product would be the C-SUV. '

Karakaş said that TOGG set out to implement a 'best o pratice' product development process. Karakas, said they have created business plans accordingly.

We're not late, that's the nature
Karakas, Turkey has replied to criticism that he delayed for cars' nature of the work we are already managing a non-short process. Because developing an electric vehicle at birth takes a much different process and naturally takes longer than converting an existing vehicle into electric. What we do is also to create a brand and bring out more than an automobile, an ecosystem. '

Saying that they are working with a team that has worldwide competence, Karakaş said, imiz Our team consists of friends who have conducted global studies with not less than 13-15 years. Since we see our employees at the heart of everything, we hire suitable people with the best personal experience in the field. One of our most important differences is that we work in a start-up spirit by maximizing business efficiency and communication with a simple agile organization. '

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