Turkish Engineers Produced Local and National Tram Tractor

turk engineers produced domestic and national tram tractors
turk engineers produced domestic and national tram tractors

In Samsun, Mechanical Engineers Kemal Yusuf Tosun and Kadir Öney cost 475 thousand liras, which is completely local and national, at the request of Metro İstanbul A.Ş. of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Engineers have developed the 350 (EMA 12) software completely local, including the 150, as a result of the 150 monthly R & D work.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality SAMULAŞ connected to the vehicle tested on the tram, passed the test successfully. The remote controlled EMA 150 will be used to attract the failed trams under Metro İstanbul AŞ.

They used parts, software and explained that all equipment is manufactured in Turkey by Turkish engineers Mechanical Engineer Tosun, EMA stressed that local and national xnumx'n the vehicle. Stating that the vehicle is 150, Tosun said, u The 5 can be reached at a gradual speed. This means we're the only domestic manufacturer in Turkey, we are proud for him. In Europe, we bought the 30 thousand euros, which is the equivalent of 475 thousand euros, for the local and national 350 thousand pounds. EMA 150 is used for the withdrawal, maintenance and repair of trams in case of power outages. Our vehicle can be controlled from the 80 meter. The towing capacity of the vehicle is between 150 and 200 tons. 5 is charging on the hour and you can use 60 days, X he said.

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