Touristic East Express's departure time changes

tourist east express's departure time changes
tourist east express's departure time changes

Departure time of Touristic East Express from Ankara to 19.55 17 has changed from 2019 to 16.55 since July

Tourist East Express, which was sent to Ankara for the first time in the history of 29.05.2019 between Ankara-Kars-Ankara in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, will start to move from Ankara to 17 at the time of 2019.

TCDD Transport aims to ensure that the passengers who will travel with the new departure time of the Touristic East Express are located in Ilic-Erzincan and Erzurum at more convenient times.

According to the new arrangement, the train will depart from Ankara on Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 16.55 and from Kars on Wednesday, Friday, Sunday at 23.55.

The capacity of the Express, which consists of 6 beds and 1 food wagons, can be increased from 120 to 160 people depending on passenger demand.

In order to see historical and touristic places on the express-Ankara-Kars route; There are 3 hour stop in Ilic, 2 hour stop in Erzincan and Erzurum.

On the Kars-Ankara course there are 2 hour 36 minutes in Divrigi and 3 hour 09 minutes in Bostankaya for Sivas tour.

The planned travel time of the train is 31 hour from Ankara and 29 hour 20 minute from Kars.

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