TCDD Significant Visit to Little Feet

tiny feet at tcddden meaningful visit
tiny feet at tcddden meaningful visit

Private Little Feet Kindergarten has produced a new project with the vision of education. “Education is the kitchen of life. Educators are exceptional chefs who determine what will come out of this kitchen. Each dish has a standard recipe and construction. Only a small touch can make that meal unique. Özel The Special Little Feet team underlined their perspectives on education.

27 In March, due to World Railroad Employees Day, Tiny Feet Kindergarten launched a school-wide project. In the project, the children who have never met the train in terms of their geographical location first learned what the Railways Authority does, how the transportation is on the railways, how the vehicles work and the titles of the railroad workers, the jobs they do. Later, perhaps, they only wrote letters to family members of railroad workers they knew in their plays and cartoons. In the letter, they processed their love and dreams and the letters were sent to TCDD General Directorate. The aim of the project was to thank and smile from the highest unit to the lowest unit, in the presence of TCDD, to the face of all those who contributed to its development.

TCDD Press Counselor İbrahim Kekeç did not remain indifferent to the sincerity and love of the letters, and personally visited Bozüyük YHT Station Director Sami Küçük and Private Little Feet Kindergarten students on behalf of TCDD family. In response to the letters they received, they delivered the letters they prepared carefully and sincerely to their interlocutors with their hands and left unforgettable memories for the children. He also presented children with wooden trains and a real-looking High Speed ​​Train model.

TCDD Press Counselor İbrahim Kekeç visited İnegöl District National Education Directorate because of the visit of District National Education Directorate Private Education Institutions Branch Director Orhan Çelik'te Private Little Feet Kindergarten hosted.

Celik, while appreciating the project, Kekeç was pleased with the visit, said everything in this age group determines the future. Steel in his speech addressed to children, stating that they will surely remember the future in the future, thanked Kekeç'e.

İbrahim Kekeç stated that they were surprised when they received the letters, that they read all of them one by one and that they were happy, so they did not want to remain indifferent. He talked about the activities of TCDD, its importance in history and its future goals and opened up new horizons for students and teachers. Kekeç, Private Little Feet family thanks to the project they produced left.

Pınar Yıldız, Director of Private Little Feet Kindergarten “Educating is important. Being an educator requires always aiming for the best, always keeping the imagination vigorous and looking to the future with hope. To know how to push the limits means that defeats are gains. Special Little Feet Kindergarten team is made up of educators who don't like. Therefore, it always aims to turn dreams beyond reality into reality. And often he does. When it fails, it analyzes and adds it to the experience. B

Special Little Feet Kindergarten team knows that education and training are not only in the course sequence, but in numbers. She likes to feed her children in every field so that they can become powerful characters in life.

Enerjin Baloğlu, the founder of Private Little Feet Kindergarten, expressed his gratitude to TCDD Press Consultant İbrahim Kekeç and Bozüyük YHT Station Manager Sami Küçük for their kindness. Baloglu, once again celebrating their days, the continuation of success, new stories for new ways, new wagons added that they are excited.

TCDD Press Counsel İbrahim Kekeç, for the letter forwarded CLICK HERE

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