Women Drivers at the Wheel in Mersin

the woman at the holidays, the steering wheel
the woman at the holidays, the steering wheel

Total 40 female driver working in Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, continues to carry passengers in the captain seat of municipal buses at Ramazan Bayramı.

In the city center buses, the 40 female driver, who shakes the steering wheel in the whole city of Mersin, takes the bread with their hands on the wheels of Ramadan. Women who serve the good people of Mersin and with their smiling faces happy women drivers, Ramadan Feast is also appreciated by the public.

Women who are active in the field and perform their duties during this Ramadan Feast, despite the fact that they are both partners and mothers, and they usually do chauffeur work for men in society, they give their right to the end of the profession. Women who shake the steering wheel all day long continue to show all of Mersin that there should be no sexist distinctions between professions and that women as well as men can overcome it.

Women drivers who work in Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Public Transport Branch, with their smooth behavior, regular work and careful driving, also win the trust of citizens during the festival.

“I always had a passion for steering”

Female driver 8 has been shaking for years

Speaking about how he started his chauffeur-driven adventure, Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Bus Driver Nurdan Özbey said, Ş I was an accountant before I started to do the job as a driver. I'm also a college graduate, I've graduated from the accounting department. I had to drive a heavy vehicle because I made a purchase. I applied for a job and accepted. I started this job. I started this position 8 years ago, I'm going to be in 9 year. I had previously had such enthusiasm for the steering wheel, I liked to drive. Dir

”They say we are more mature for our passengers because our feelings of motherhood predominate“

”We destroyed the taboos in society“

Expressing the difficulties experienced when he started his career as a chauffeur, and now that they have destroyed some of the taboos in society, Özbey said, getiren When I first started my job, there were 1 women driver. Then I came. At first we got a lot of reaction. We also received negative reactions and received positive feedback. There are those who say that we are proud, and there are those who cannot do this work. Even the passengers of the passengers, rather prefer not to ride the vehicle. Women can not do this job, the driver said that the bus driver would be. At first we had a lot of difficulty. But now we see that we've changed everything. Currently, we are serving throughout Mersin with our 40 female driver friend. Generally, all my passengers prefer more female drivers. Because they say we're more careful. They say we're more mature because our feelings of motherhood predominate. They say we're more respectful. Actually, female drivers are the most popular. We have broken down this taboo with a high probability, Biz he said.

Özbey said that he loved his job and filled in 8 in this position. We do not encounter any difficulties. We have a very comfortable job. We know that our own business and purpose is to serve. We know the passenger is to please and please. We do not have any problems related to this Bun he said.

”We are bringing families, children and students coming together in the holidays”

Özbey said that it was a good feeling to carry passengers and to bring people together during the holiday. We are greeted with a smile. They motivate us and make us happy. There was an uncle. His saying is always in my mind. He said, 'We're delivering our property, our property to the benches, to the benches. We can get them back. But we are entrusting our lives to this bus, 'he said. That was my earring. Really it is. People are safely on the bus, entrusting their lives. We're all aware of this, Biz he said.

. Being a woman with a child doesn't pose any difficulty in doing the profession, medi said Xbeyan. Hiçbir My mother doesn't have any difficulty in not doing my job. My kids support me really great. They are always proud of me. They know they're doing a hard job. I'm not having any problems with my children, Herhangi he said.

”We expect the people of Mersin to be more sensitive and tolerant“

Finally, Özbey addressed the people of Mersin and said, bey We are here to serve. This is our purpose. We continue our free service at Bayramda. The people of Mersin are also very conscious. Our request from the people is a little more sensitive, tolerant and positive towards us. Road traffic, there are crowds, sometimes our passengers inside can be ill, there is disease, there is an emergency. We're fighting a stack. If they come to our bus by becoming aware of them, we will continue together in a good way onlar.

Nurdan Özbey, mother of 3 children who worked as a bus driver in Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, was chosen as lığı Driver of the Year X by Mersin Police Department in 2015.

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