TCDD's 2 New Touristic Express Line

tcddden new tourist express line more
tcddden new tourist express line more

TCDD, which started Ankara-Kars touristic East Express flights, aims to offer two more trains with these features.

HabertürkOlcay Aydilek'in According to the report, the Ministry of Transportation, TCDD'ye tourist train began to prepare for the arrival of heavy demand. In this context, it is aimed to start “touristic train” flights between Ankara-Tatvan and Ankara-Diyarbakır at the first stage. Sources point out that there are still trains between Ankara-Tatvan and Ankara-Diyarbakır, “A train that runs between Ankara and Tatvan and the 2 train that runs between Ankara and Diyarbakır are equipped with the so-called 'touristic' features and it is on the agenda. said.

Although the price of the new tourist lines is not yet clear, sources said, “There will be a ticket price that will not negatively affect the passenger demand”.

September density
Sources stated that there is enough demand for the Ankara-Kars touristic train, which made its first voyage in 29 May, “Despite the summer season, the demand is good. However, there is high demand especially for September. Demand peaks in Ankara-Kars, especially in winter kış.

In May, 31 made its first “Touristic East Express arasında between Ankara and Kars in May with the cooperation of Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and Culture and Tourism. The train, which completes the Ankara-Kars voyage at 32 hour, includes the 4 seated pulley wagon, 4 seated covered wagon which can be a bed, 2 seated bed wagons with sink, refrigerator and table. Ticket price is 400 TL.

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