TCDD Discount Ticket Rights To The Police

tcdd discount tickets to the right of the police
tcdd discount tickets to the right of the police

State Railways of the Republic of Turkey, the military and every day of the year, the teacher does not recognize the right of recognizing the police discount.

Get Discount Every Day of the Year
With the application launched in 2015, soldiers and policemen are entitled to 50 discounted tickets on certain days. However, soldiers and teachers were entitled to discounted tickets every day of the year. However, the police were not granted this right. The police are also asked to benefit from this right to ensure the security of the dormitory. The TCDD should take a new decision and involve the police in the discounted ticket.

In order to sell the tickets at a discount, TCDD should make a decision in this direction. As the requests are forwarded to TCDD, an interview will be held and the results will be shared with the public. It would be a very positive step to give such a privilege to the police in order to eliminate the injustice. In addition, the use of trains by the police will increase. We can say that it will have a positive effect on the economy indirectly.

In case a positive or negative decision is taken by TCDD, you can learn instantly from our website. We will pass on the developments to you and we will continue to follow this demand. The members of our security organization, which takes service to the most remote corners of our country, will be pleased with these news. You can learn the most accurate developments by following our site. (Public Recruitment)



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