Eid al-Fitr Message from TCDD General Manager Uygun

tcdd general message ramazan bayrami message
tcdd general message ramazan bayrami message

Precious Passengers,

Dear Colleagues,

We are happy to have a blessed Ramadan Feast, leaving unity and friendship and brotherhood, leaving behind another month of Ramadan, full of mercy, forgiveness and abundance.

162, as a national organization that has established a bridge of hearts, which has blessed these lands for years, continues its work and modernization efforts in YHT, HT and conventional lines within the determination and determination of achieving 2023 targets.

As the TCDD family, we take our power from our deep-rooted history, our railway journey, and the night of our railroad friends by taking the night away from the unique and ambitious works.

I would like to thank my colleagues at all levels for their efforts and efforts.

I would like to celebrate Ramadan holidays with the most sincere feelings of our fellow travelers and the families of our colleagues.

Nice holidays Nice

Contact Ali directly
General Director of TCDD

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