TCDD's Incorrect Culvert Report Revealed

Proof of Faulty Construction of YHT Line
Proof of Faulty Construction of YHT Line

Sakarya Arifiye, Istanbul-Ankara high-speed train departing from the machinist's attention prevented the disaster. Details of the incident began to be revealed. According to the report of TCDD, the culvert belonging to the railway, which was found to have been discharged from gold, turned out to be wrong.

In Arifiye district of Sakarya, 19 continues to reveal details of the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) flights that were stopped due to excessive rainfall in June. Istanbul-Ankara expedition between Arifiye-Bilecik YHT due to the landslide that was out of service for hours.

One dayAccording to the news of Ugur Sahin; Tren The train moving from Ankara to Söğütlüçeşme was stopped due to heavy rainfall in Arifiye. Passengers on the train, "the road was closed due to heavy rainfall, the train stopped for this reason," the announcement was made. However, the reality was that the rain had emptied the train tracks just like in Çorlu. YHT'in machinists also understood that the rails are empty. Thanks to the attention of the machinists and the knowledge of the area in advance, the water on the rails was noticed and the train was stopped and disaster was prevented.

BirGün'un announced after the headline yesterday, the culvert of the railroad was discovered to be discharged gold was made incorrectly revealed. We have reached the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), dated October last year by the Annual General Inspection Report;

- The elevation difference of the stream is higher than the railroad.
- The culvert width on the railroad is small and the wall thickness is thin.
- The stream level is above the flowing level in the culvert.

So, with the swelling of the creek, the water covered the railway. The grille on the first railway, called H1, was larger than the grille on the new line used by trains running opposite directions.

Noting that the culvert designated as H1 in the Annual General Inspection Report is 3 × 2 meter (six meters), it was noted that geçiş The current production was switched to 2 × 2 meter precast production. The new line has insufficient doubling (aperture width) ”:“ The wall thickness of the culverts manufactured after 2012 should not be less than 35 centimeters, while all the precast grilles in the new line are manufactured below 35 centimeters. There is no information and document about whether the bridges and culverts on the line are suitable for the annual flow rate of DSI 500. ”

Speaking on the subject, United Transport Workers Union (BTS) Chairman Hasan Bektas, the power of propaganda on the high-speed trains drew attention, "But no measures are taken," he said. Bektas said: ük We saw a similar incident in Çorlu. Election propaganda is done through high-speed train. In the squares, advertising is done by offering good aspects, but it is the government's job to fix it. ”

Ahmet Eroğlu, Secretary General of BTS, stated: işler There is a serious gap in the control phases of the works in TCDD. In this sense, we see that most of the works are opened before the end, without conforming to the standard. ”

documents that prove that the yht line was built incorrectly documents that prove that the yht line was built incorrectly

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