Sivas High Speed ​​Train Station Where?

sivas fast train station was made
sivas fast train station was made

After the start of the Ankara - Sivas High Speed ​​Train line, which continued for a while and changed in 2015, various problems were experienced after the route. Sivas High Speed ​​Station and many officials related to the route in the past had been made by the authorities.

Sivas Governor of the period, David Gul with his statement on Twitter Twitter Station, the current station and the university said it would be in two places.

Governor Gül: İ İsmet Yılmaz, Minister of National Education; He explained that the high-speed train station will be in two locations, the existing station and the university. Good luck to our Sivas ... ım Sivas in the form of the gospel of Sivas gave that period.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, in his speech in Sivas in the mass opening and groundbreaking program, allocated a large space for the High Speed ​​Train and accelerated the related studies.

While the fast speed train continues to work at some speed, some Sivaslılar "more nails for the building of the garage building just because the rate of 2 lasts for years how to get to the end of 2019," he said, according to information received from the station, even if the building of the station will be sufficient and said that the current station can be done.

The new station building is considered to be the area where the Crops Office is located. (Great Sivas News)


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