Activities Accelerated in Şanlıurfa Children's Traffic Education Park

sanliurfa children's traffic education park accelerated work
sanliurfa children's traffic education park accelerated work

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Mayor Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül, ongoing construction of the Children's Traffic Education Park found.

Sanliurfa boulevards, bridges, crossings, underpasses and overpasses in order to ease the traffic problem, the Metropolitan Municipality continues to work to bring the Children's Traffic Education Park with children in order to raise a more conscious society. In this context, 32 thousand square meters on the green area of ​​the Children's Traffic Education Park made a review and made a statement President Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül, “Our work continues in the Children's Traffic Education Center. Here, our children between the ages of 5 and 12 will be a center where both the schools, youth centers and the people of our people can get traffic education. We'il have underpasses and overpasses here. This center is built for our children to see and live what they live in traffic. We have classes and instructors to take on certain culture. Getting traffic culture is very important. It will be operational soon. Parents can take their children and bring them here for education. May it be good for our country. We are accelerating our efforts. ”


Turkey's largest 'Children's Traffic Training Park' project, which is on the nature of 32 thousand square meters of green space and will be held on 14 thousand square meters of usable space. With the help of experienced traffic instructors, 140 students will be able to receive education at the same time. Students with disabilities are not forgotten in the project, students will receive traffic training using battery-powered vehicles. 3 units, open-air classrooms, a children's playground and a clover junction, pedestrian crossings, pedestrian overpasses, signalized intersections, uncontrolled junctions, roundabouts, level crossings, tunnel, barred roads, bus stops, underpasses, overpasses In the miniature city is aimed at reducing future traffic problems.

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