Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Building 6 Boulevard

sanliurfa buyuksehir boulevard at the same time
sanliurfa buyuksehir boulevard at the same time

With the improvement of seasonal conditions, the Metropolitan Municipality continues its asphalt works rapidly and continues the construction of 6 boulevard at the same time in the city center.

With the establishment of new residential areas in the city center for trouble-free transportation, infrastructure works are completed on the one hand and road construction works are continuing uninterruptedly.

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül examining the road construction works at different points in Şanlıurfa. Street studies carried out. Following the construction work of the Gazi Osman Paşa Boulevard, which connects the district of Karaköprü to Haliliye, Mayor Beyazgül supervised the construction works by the Metropolitan Municipality. Şehit Cihangir Çubukcu and Şehit Sedat supervised the work on the boulevard of Seyrantepe neighborhood.

Receiving information from the technical staff about the works, Mayor Beyazgül stressed that the Metropolitan Municipality will build modern roads by expanding the road network in Şanlıurfa.

Making a statement within the scope of road construction works, Mayor Beyazgül said, “As the Metropolitan Municipality, we continue our work with the formation of new settlements in our Şanlıurfa. At the same time, he continues the infrastructure works before the construction of our roads by our ŞUSKİ General Directorate. ”

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