Cleaning Mobilization for Buses, Trams and Stations from SAMULAŞ

samulastan otobus tram and stations cleaning mobilization
samulastan otobus tram and stations cleaning mobilization

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality SAMULAŞ pays special attention to the maintenance and cleaning of the stations as well as buses and trams. Firstly, the personnel who have been subjected to training program on this subject, then do station cleaning

SAMULAŞ, which provides UL city transportation service Samsun to Samsun residents with 29 light rail vehicle and 111 bus depending on Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, continues to mobilize all opportunities for citizens to travel with peace of mind. SAMULAS, especially 'public health' as ​​an indicator of the importance given to the maintenance of buses and trams, as well as cleaning stations.

SAMULAŞ cleaning staff was first given 'Field Duty and Responsibility and Field Information Training' by the instructor of the institution. After the end of the training, the staff went to the field and passed through the station in the Youth Park and cleaned it. The staff, who cleaned all the windows of the station as well as the poles, washed the railings in every 2 direction with water.

Buses, Trams, Stations
SAMULAŞ officials stated that the facilities available to Samsun residents are at maximum level for their peace of mind and to make them feel completely safe., We attach great importance to the cleanliness of our trams and buses frequently used by our citizens. We provide our public transport services that start at 06.15 in the morning with our buses and trams which are ready after cleaning every day. In addition, we do not interrupt the maintenance, repair and cleaning of our stations, which are frequently used by our people. ”

SAMULAŞ officials stated that they prefer cleaning products that will not disturb the passengers during the cleaning. “In addition, we ensure that our staff is always ready to be trained. As an institution, we attach great importance to public health and personnel training ”.

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