Time for 'Academy' at SAMULAŞ

samulasta academy time
samulasta academy time

SAMULAŞ, which conducts public transportation services in Samsun, launched SAMULAŞ ACADEMY to increase service quality and citizen satisfaction.

Providing transportation services in Samsun depending on Metropolitan Municipality Project Transportation İmar İnşaat Yat. Singing. ve Tic. Inc. (SAMULAŞ), an application will be an example in Turkey in order to improve the quality of service and citizen satisfaction was signed. SAMULAS ACADEMY, 'to contribute to the creation of qualified manpower between education and employment' activities began recently.


In the statement made by SAMULAŞ, Kon SAMULAŞ (Quality First) slogan, SAMULAŞ pledged to continue its efforts to increase service quality and citizen satisfaction. For this purpose, SAMULAŞ ACADEMY started its activities. First of all, special trainings will be given to adults by using learning model by doing public transportation chauffeur, rail systems driver in all matters concerning the occupants. ”


The company will also serve as the olarak Authorized Certification Institution kuruluş with the accreditation of the Vocational Qualification Authority and the Turkish Accreditation Agency (TÜRKAK) together with the ACADEMY, and will carry out Sınav Testing and Certification ünde in the transportation sector.

“SAMULAŞ ACADEMY aims to increase qualified manpower through driver training. Training hall and administrative structure have been completed. Very recently, a team of experts from SAMULAŞ's employees will receive 'Trainer Training'. 5 day-long training will be carried out with interactive training method for the participants to gain educational skills by teaching basic concepts, principles and teaching methods of education, to determine the basic principles of adult education and to improve educational qualifications.


In this training, in order to increase the quality of service and to support institutional development, training will be provided with a learning model. Participants will have the knowledge and skills to develop training programs and curriculum development, and all drivers will be subject to regular training on an annual basis with the course content prepared. The training activity, measurement and evaluation system has also been prepared and the system will be developed in continuous development with renewal needs and new trainings.


SAMULAŞ General Manager Enver Sedat Tamgacı said in his statement that as a company, the studies for the Vocational Qualification Authority and TÜRKAK applications are proceeding at full speed and said:

We will continue to work for the satisfaction of citizens on the way we have started and promised to “provide comfortable, comfortable and quality transportation service '. Our company, which has always adopted the principle that quality in service will be possible with quality personnel, will continue its training activities. I believe that SAMULAŞ Academy will fulfill a very important mission in this sense. In the case of SAMULAŞ Academy, these activities will have an impact and a synergy will be created in the field of transportation, firstly in Samsun, first in the region and then in the national area. ”

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