Samulaş Took All Measures for YKS Exam!

samulas took all the necessary measures for yks exam
samulas took all the necessary measures for yks exam

Samsun Municipality will be held on Saturday and Sunday before YKS Metropolitan Municipality SAMULAS, the candidates took all the measures to benefit from the smooth and safe public transport. Increased the number of bus ring trips within the campus on exam days

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality SAMULAŞ, 15 and 16 June Basic Higher Education Institutions (YKS) under the name of the Basic Proficiency Test (TYT), Area Proficiency Tests (AYT) and Foreign Language Test (YDT) exams candidates who will take the seamless and safe public transportation vehicles took measures for.


thousands of students in Samsun YGS excited about as it was in Turkey. Samsun Mayor Mustafa Demir, on Saturday and Sunday for the exams to be held for public transport service to Samsunlular SAMULAŞ'ın made a statement about the measures.

Mustafa Demir started his statement by wishing success to the candidates who will sweat in exams and said, orum I recommend that the students who take the exam keep their morale and motivation high. This will bring them success. ”


SAMULAŞ completed all preparations for the exam in the work done, said that measures were taken, Demir said, ”Saturday and Sunday on the entrance and exit of the light rail system vehicles will apply the weekday program. For bus services, R11 Ring Line, which provides transfer services between the university station and the campus, will be increased. Thus, the passenger density can be avoided and candidates will be able to reach the examination centers safely and smoothly. In the other Ring and Express lines, the schedule of the relevant day will be implemented ”.


President Mustafa Demir, the transportation problems experienced in the exams of the candidates to take the exam to avoid the victim by choosing public transport vehicles, "instead of going to the exam with a special vehicle, especially in areas where the participation of the exam will be high vehicles will cause traffic disruption," he warned.


In the last part of Mayor Demir's remarks, tüm All students who will enter YKS to be held during 2 day at the weekend will be able to benefit from SAMULAŞ's tram and buses free of charge by showing the Gidiş Departure ve and Dönüş Return Sınav Examination Entrance Document to the examination centers.

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