Tram Arrives in OMÜ in July in Samsun

samsunda tram comes out in july
samsunda tram comes out in july

Nihat Soğuk, Deputy Chairman of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, stated that there is no issue of a raise in SAMULAŞ.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Council 12 in June. combination of 1. Commission meeting was held. In the commission meeting held under the chairmanship of Nihat Soğuk, Deputy Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality, Samsun Project Transportation İmar İnşaat Yat. Industry and Trade Inc. (SAMULAS) increase in costs, the commissioning of the university campus line, modernization of the system and infrastructure improvement work is needed because of the 15 million pounds, but 99,96 percent of the capital belongs to the analysis of the financial data of SAMULAŞ as a result of 5 million 400 thousand pounds debated to be considered appropriate.


Cold, clarifying the article, said that such a loan is thought to be used in case of need in the coming process. A member of the GOOD party, who responded to Soğuk, suggested that this proposal was the harbinger of the hike in SAMULAŞ. Responding to this claim, Soğuk said, “There is no raise. He doesn't come out of this stuff. No such thing. If necessary, a raise is made. It's not right to make it look like it doesn't exist. There is no need to read intentions..


SAMULAŞ General Manager Enver Sedat Tamgacı, who took the floor in the commission, announced that the rail system will start to carry passengers to the university line in July. 31 article unanimity was transferred to the parliament in order to decide on the 27 article by majority vote. The 2 item was unanimously returned to the relevant department.



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