Samsun-Kalin Railway Line is Signed

Samsun-Kalin Railway Line is Signed
Samsun-Kalin Railway Line is Signed

A striking claim has been made regarding the Samsun-Kalın railway line, whose opening has been postponed many times before. It was claimed that the line was stuck to the lack of signaling in the train accident in Ankara.

the HabergazeteAccording to the news of Sukru Berk ASKAR; X About 4 years ago, the modernization works of the Samsun-Kalın (Sivas) railway line with the length of 378 kilometers started and the line was closed to traffic. 259 will cost million euros Samsun-Kalın Railway Line Renewal Project work after the start of the statements, the line will be opened to traffic in September 2018'de first stated, then said that the opening of the line in the first months of 2019'un said.


While the railway line did not go into operation on this date, President Erdoğan explained the 2. According to the 100 Daily Action Plan, 100 said that the Samsun-Kalın railway line will be signaled for operation during the day. However, despite the middle of 2019, the line was not opened to traffic. Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), designed and, as a delegate to the firms to be done on a line passing through said history will be opened to traffic, causing DUğUylA opening of the Samsun-thick line thrown out a stunning allegations.


Allegedly, 13 December 2018 in Ankara, the train accident delayed the opening of the Samsun-Kalın railway line. Following the train disaster in Ankara, where 9 people lost their lives, it was claimed that the companies undertaking the modernization of Samsun-Kalın railway line should not be delivered before the signaling system is completed on the entire line. It was claimed that the opening of the railway line that TCDD would take as a turnkey was postponed due to this decision taken by the companies and that the signaling system was expected to be completed in order to open the railway to traffic.

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