Arifiye District of Sakarya Incorrectly Built Railway

railway is built wrong in the district of Sakarya arifiye
railway is built wrong in the district of Sakarya arifiye

Arifiye district of Sakarya due to excessive rainfall the previous day high-speed train (YHT) was stopped. During the transition to YHT, the culvert of the railway, which was found to have been discharged of gold, appeared to have been constructed incorrectly.

HürriyetAccording to Ismail Saymaz'ın news; “TCDD's report in October 2018 revealed that the elevation difference of the stream is higher than the railway. It was understood that the culvert width of the new railway which was built next to the old railway was small and the wall thickness was thin.


TCDD's 'Annual General Inspection Report', the creek elevation was assumed to be above the flowing elevation. For this reason, it was understood that the water covered the railway by the rise of the stream. It was stated that the grille on the first railway called H1 was larger than the grille on the new line used by the trains coming from the opposite direction. Emphasizing that the grille in H1 is 3 × 2 meter, that is to say six meters, it is stated that “The current production was switched to 2 × 2 meter precast production. The new line is insufficient (culvert width) ”. The article continued as follows:

Duvar The wall thickness of the culverts manufactured after 2012 should not be less than 35 centimeters, while all the precast grilles in the new line are manufactured below 35 centimeters. There is no information and document about whether the bridges and culverts on the line are suitable for the 500 annual flow account of the State Hydraulic Works. ”


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