Chairman Karalar: 'We are ready for domestic automotive production'

President Karalar Ready for Domestic Automotive Production
President Karalar Ready for Domestic Automotive Production

Adana Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeydan Karalar, who gave strong support to the lobbying work initiated in the city to make domestic automotive production in Adana, announced that they are ready to contribute to activities that will increase employment and strengthen the economy in Adana.

Zeydan Karalar, Mayor of Adana Metropolitan Municipality, supported the unity of power for the realization of the planned domestic car production in Adana. President Zeydan Karalar, Adana has been an industrial culture since the Ottoman period, with the establishment of the Republic of the country's industry is one of the locomotive, he said.

Mayor Zeydan Karalar stated that there is an annual industrial culture of 200 in Adana. With its accumulation in the automotive industry, its strategic location, all kinds of transportation opportunities, trained human resources, climate and socio-cultural structure, it is one of the cities that can become a domestic automobile production center. ”

also when considered in the Çukurova region, Adana, Turkey's high-tech production from the President Zeyer, indicating that one of the few metropolises can be done fret, "our province needed supply industry for automotive manufacturing are available in a powerful way and it takes work to improve. As Adana Metropolitan Municipality, we are doing our part for the establishment of new Specialized Organized Industrial Zones and small industrial estates, for the existing ones to work more efficiently and we are ready in line with our possibilities to do more. ”

Mayor Zeydan Karalar said that realization of domestic car production in Adana would end the long-standing neglect of Adana and continued as follows: Adana In Adana, which lost power due to incentive practices, qualified migration for many years and we attach great importance to the realization of automobile production. As Adana Metropolitan Municipality, we support and support all kinds of activities that will increase employment and strengthen our economy in Adana. Urban dynamics must be united at this stage and a strong lobby must be established. We are ready to put our hands under the stone for Adana. ”

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