Mayor Güler: Çambaşı Ski Center Will Get the Value it Deserves

president guler cambasi ski center will get the value it deserves
president guler cambasi ski center will get the value it deserves

Çambaşı Ski Center Will Get the Deserved Value: Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality. Mehmet Hilmi Guler, Çambaşı Winter Sports and Ski Center to increase the attractiveness of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to apply for a tourism investment certificate said.

Mayor Güler said, “With this document, Çambaşı will get the value it deserves by improving the facilities to be used in tourism and increasing the quality”.

Efforts continue to improve the quality of tourism by increasing the investment and service quality of Çambaşı Plateau, one of the tourist attraction centers of the Black Sea Region. In recent years, two day facilities, two commercial facilities, health facilities and administrative buildings, an ice rink, a guest house and chairlift lines were built in the region with the investments made in the plateau. Finally, in terms of investment one step further, the Ordu Metropolitan Municipality applied for a tourism investment certificate.


Mayor Güler stated that Çambaşı would be changed from a highland to a single season and transformed into a tourism center called every season. “Çambaşı is a blessing for Ordu. We are trying to bring our plateau, which has managed to attract attention with its unique beauties every season, to the values ​​it deserves by carrying it to a little more advanced level with each passing day. In the past, the name of Çambaşı Plateau, whose name was only mentioned in the summer, is now to be remembered for four seasons. We will design whatever is needed for this and make the necessary conditions ready. We are trying to move the region to advanced levels not only in plateau tourism but also in winter with summer ”.


Tourism investment certificate kazanSpeaking about the events, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler said, “An application has been made to obtain a tourism investment certificate from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. With this document, it will be ensured that the facilities to be used in tourism are developed and the quality is increased. With the tourism investment certificate, energy supports, use of immovable properties for tourism purposes, tourism loans, installment of the contribution to the forest fund, payment of water fees at the lowest tariff applied in the region, communication facilities, personnel employment, tourism development fund facilities, travel agencies and Travel Agencies Union Law. With the facilities provided, business loans and telecommunication facilities will be available.”

Approximately 3 thousand TL was spent in order to obtain the tourism investment certificate for the preparation of tree relay plan, afforestation and 80 annual maintenance fee and various documents.

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