Pirelli Will Serve With High Technology Yüksel Rot In İzmir

pirelli izmir will serve with high technology
pirelli izmir will serve with high technology

Yüksel Rot, the authorized dealer of Pirelli, which provides service in many product groups in the automotive sector in İzmir and its vicinity, opened its new branch in 21 in İzmir Çiğli in June, which is equipped with high-tech machine park front and balancing machines.

Yuksel Rotunda with Koray Pirelli Yilmaz hosted by Turkey CEO Gian Paolo Gatti Cominesi the opening in presence Cigli Deputy Mayor Ali Riza Kocur, Pirelli Turkey Sales Manager Emre Ozdemir, Aegean and Mediterranean Regional Sales Manager Tolga CISA, Marketing Manager Ipek Unaran, Communications and Media Relations Manager Ahu Tarmangil, Commercial Marketing Chief Billur Hasbay, Regional Sales Managers Kemal Kılınç and Arda Yavuz, as well as many guests.

Pirelli's 140 years of deep-rooted experience in the tire while developing, thanks to the most prestigious automobile manufacturers in cooperation with the world, underlining that there have more than 3.000 homologation Pirelli Turkey Sales Manager Emre Ozdemir, in his assessment "premium and prestige segments of tires, the world leader for original equipment Pirelli 's premium strategy plays an important role in sustainable growth plans. Pirelli is one of the world's most prestigious car manufacturers, demanding customized tires according to the technical requirements of each car. We believe that our authorized dealer Yüksel Rot, which aims to provide premium sales and service for İzmir and its environs, will also make a significant contribution to this journey with its new branch. ”

Pirelli branch in Çiğli promises customers a whole new experience

Koray Yılmaz, the owner of Yüksel Rot, stated that they continued their cooperation with Pirelli one step further with the opening of a new branch equipped with this advanced technological equipment. We are pleased to open Pirelli's largest branch in Izmir. We have designed a special branch that suits Pirelli, the worldwide choice of premium and prestige vehicle manufacturers. We promise not only tire sales and service, but also a new experience in our new branch in Çiğli. In our new branch, which is equipped with the comfort of our customers and the safety of their vehicles, we also realize a first with both camera system and technological equipment and playgrounds for children. We invite all our customers to experience this special branch of Pirelli..

9 can deliver multiple services to the vehicle at the same time

Pirelli's new branch, which has the title of authorized dealer who can serve the most vehicles at the same time with the number of lifts and front arrangements, will be able to serve more than one 9 vehicle at the same time. 2 storey 1080 m2 has a new branch in the lower floor, the service area and rear-front vehicle entry-exit was designed to be available. The upper floor of the branch will serve as a waiting-rest area and a warehouse. In the new branch, which is designed entirely for disabled use, customers will be able to follow their vehicles thanks to the camera system on the upper floor. Playstations, billiards and playgrounds allow customers to spend their time with their vehicles in service. At the end of the service, customers' mobile phones will be informed by SMS via “maintenance of your vehicle is finished”.

Existing sales are targeted to 2

The new branch with the latest technology in machinery equipment aims to increase the existing sales in the İzmir region to the 2 floor. There is also a separate playground for customers with children. Wi-fi internet and work desks are available in all common areas, while intensive customers are able to bring their vehicles to the service without disrupting their business.

pirelli izmir will serve with high technology
pirelli izmir will serve with high technology

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