economy of the south african republic and rail system investments
27 South Africa

South African Economy and Rail System Investments

The Republic of South Africa, which has a free market economy, is a developing market. The integration of the Republic of South Africa into the world economy took place in 1994 with the transition to democracy. The area is 1.219.090 km2, the population is about 57,7 million [more…]

samulasta academy time
55 Samsun

Time for 'Academy' at SAMULAŞ

SAMULAŞ, which conducts public transportation services in Samsun, has launched SAMULAŞ ACADEMY in order to increase service quality and citizen satisfaction. Metropolitan Municipality Project Transportation [more…]

caykislaya signaling intersection
54 Sakarya

Signalized Intersection to Çaykışla

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Erenler Çaykışla region, the construction of new signalized intersection was initiated. Refuge and asphalt operations will begin in a short period of time at the intersection works that have been completed in the foundation paving works. Greater Sakarya [more…]