Oyak Renault Grows Technology Friendly Young People

oyak renault grows technology-friendly young people
oyak renault grows technology-friendly young people

📩 29/06/2019 13:43

Burak engineering students completed the training program given by Oyak Renault within the framework of the @ Hack @ OR 6 Team-Top Value ”project, which was initiated to encourage young people to digital transformation and innovation. Oyak Renault awarded the most successful 3 prototype designed by the students participating in the program in the spring term covering March-June. The aim of the “Hack @ OR 6 Team-Top Value” project, launched this year, is to enable students to develop brand new ideas and solutions for real industrial problems by leveraging the digital transformation experience of Oyak Renault.

Oyak Renault encourages young people to think innovative with the @ Hack @ OR 6 Team-Top Value ”project. 35 students from Bursa Technical and Uludağ University participated in the program and received their certificates at a ceremony held at Oyak Renault Automobile Factories. Within the scope of the program, prototypes composed of prominent ideas were rewarded. The awards were given by Antoine Aoun, General Manager of Oyak Renault and Acting Rector of Bursa Technical University. Dr. They were taken from Ahmet Zeki Ünal. Representatives of important NGOs of Bursa such as Uludag Exporters Union, BUTEKOM, BUSIAD and BTSO also participated in the award ceremony.

With the için Hack @ OR 6 Team-Top Value düzenlen project, organized in close collaboration with Bursa Uludağ University and Bursa Technical University, a creative environment was created for the students studying engineering to develop new ideas by benefiting from Oyak Renault's knowledge of digital transformation and Industry 4.0. .

Oyak Renault mentors experts

Apart from innovative and design-oriented thinking, 35 students were given effective presentation, agility, written and oral communication, CV preparation and interview techniques trainings. During the @ Hack @ OR 4 Team-Top Value ”program, students produced various solution ideas in the face of various problems. In line with the ideas that emerged, students created application prototypes. Oyak Renault Innovation Social Club members mentored students during the program.

The jury of Oyak Renault professionals and academics chose the 3 prototype designed by the students at the end of the program as the best practice idea. Oyak Renault awarded the best three prototypes.

Aoun: We provide young people with an environment to make their ideas come true

Speaking at the award ceremony of Hack @ OR 6 Top Team Takım program, Oyak Renault General Manager Antoine Aoun said three months ago in cooperation with Bursa Technical University and Uludağ University about the purpose of the project they started three months ago: by developing good relations with university, attracting talented students to our factory. Turkey's largest digital transformation in our factory, focusing on changes in the scope of competence as one of the car manufacturers have spent many projects to life. With this project, we support engineering students while we are rapidly moving towards becoming the factory of the future, we provide them with an environment to make their ideas come true. Through the program, we provide the opportunity to experience the industrial environment during their education and provide the necessary support to implement the ideas that will enable digital transformation. In this sense, it was very valuable for us to cooperate with these two big universities of Bursa. ”

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