Forgotten Abdullah's Family Had a Second Feast on the Bus

forgotten on the bus abdullah's family lived the second holiday
forgotten on the bus abdullah's family lived the second holiday

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality TransportationPark Inc. in the car driver Yildirim forgotten in the car 5-year-old little Abdullah guests in his car for the 3 guests delivered safely to his family. Abdullah's family who live in fearful moments of the driver's second feast Yildirim, a few days later, reunited with the family in the Gebze Bus Garage. In the meeting, tiny Abdullah's father Mehmet Karabiber, thanked the driver Yıldırım for his heroic action.

TransportationPark driver Isa Yildirim, 2 of Eid al-Fitr. On the day 17.15 departed from Duduev Park in line with 550 in the direction of Çayırova. When it came to the New Neighborhood stop, the majority of the passengers landed from the vehicle. Lightning continues to drive the driver, the rear-facing mirror when looking at the sounds on the rear part of the unusual situation and noticed that the vehicle pulled to a suitable place to check. Then the driver, Yildirim, who proceeded to the rear, learned that the family of a small child was not in the car and was forgotten by receiving information from the passengers. Lightning immediately took the child next to the driver, learned the name by talking to the child. He told the little boy, who said his name was Abdullah, that he should not be afraid and that he would deliver it to his family.

As soon as the driver İsa Yıldırım learned the child's name, he first met with the Gebze Garage Supervisor and informed him that a child had been forgotten in his car, that he was about 5 and that his name was Abdullah. The Gebze Garage Authority immediately contacted 155 and stated that there was a child missing in their vehicles. After a short period of time, the phone came back from 155'den father was identified and the same child was applied to the security said. Police officers gave the phone number of Mehmet Karabiber, the father of the child to the garage supervisor. Garage supervisor contacted driver Yildirim and gave Abdullah's father's number. The driver then contacted the father and said that he is moving to the last stop, that Abdullah is safe, that they should not be afraid and that he will deliver Abdullah at the desired stop.

The disappeared child Abdullah and the hero driver Yildirim, who was almost a child, made every effort to make sure that the child was not afraid. The driver, who came to the last stop, drank water to tiny Abdullah, fed chocolate, fed him, played games, and went to the sink. Lightning the driver does what he can not to be afraid of the child, on the way back to the stop of the mother and father Abdullah took the car to the driver's cabin. Chauffeur who established the hearts, when the bus came to Çayırova stop mother and father. Then, the missing child Abdullah, was delivered to his family living moments full of fear. Chauffeur Isa Yildirim, the second holiday of the sadly fearful family lived.

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality TransportationPark'a Gebze Bus Garage driver Jesus Yildirim, Abdullah and his family met again. Father Mehmet Karabiber, who thanked the driver for his heroic action, said, im My wife told me that he had forgotten our son Abdullah on the bus to the Metropolitan Municipality. I immediately called the station. Then the bus driver Isa Yildirim called me and said, 'Your child Abdullah is safe and with us.' That's when my fear turned to relaxation. I thanked the driver Yıldırım. May Allah be pleased with our Metropolitan Municipality and its employees ”.

YILDIRIM: İM I have fulfilled my human duty İM
Isa Yildirim, who has been a bus driver at TransportationPark for years, stressed the importance of the trainings he received during his employment and stated that he fulfilled his basic human duty and said, pan When I called the father of the tiny Abdullah, he was in a state of panic. I told him to keep calm and that his son was safe and in good hands, and told him that I would deliver his child wherever and whenever he wanted. I thought of little Abdullah as my own son and acted like that. I did everything I could to make her afraid. Whoever was in my place would do the same thing.. The meeting ended with a souvenir photo.

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