Reverse House Opens To Visit In Ordu

The army is urged to visit the reverse house
The army is urged to visit the reverse house

The “Reverse House”, which is among the unique projects of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality and has become the center of attention in terms of appearance, opens for visitors at 19 June Wednesday (Today).

The construction of the ord Reverse House Project kurulan established in the 150 m2 area in the Altınordu district of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality was completed and necessary arrangements were made. 30 × The 20 meter area consists of two floors, which are constructed by anchoring to the radial foundation and sloping in two directions at different angles. The project is the only one in the Black Sea region, including the entrance garden. With the opening of the “Reverse House Project bulunan, which has domestic and international peers and attracts the attention of people, visitors from neighboring provinces are also expected to come. The project, which is targeted as a new point of visit, is expected to give a significant impetus to the tourism of Ordu and attract great interest from domestic and foreign tourists. The “Ters Ev bulunan, located right next to the cable car sub-station, is expected to add significant value to Ordu in the summer.

The project, which is expected to attract intense interest by domestic and foreign tourists, will open its doors to visitors from 19 on 2019 June 09.00.

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