Minister Turhan, YHT and a Group of Elderly and Disabled Disabled in Konya

minister turhan yht and a group of elderly and disabled disabled in konyla
minister turhan yht and a group of elderly and disabled disabled in konyla

Minister Turhan, accessibility of Passenger Transport Services in Turkey held in Ankara on Take Action Project Workshop, work on the project, he said that he followed closely.

Turhan emphasized that they are carrying out the project because of the responsibility of the transportation and communication services, and said that since 2003 a period of revolutionary steps has been taken in the field of disability.

Turhan said that the Department of Disability Services was established in the ministry in 2012 for the coordination of disability services, but they have been carrying out numerous activities related to accessibility in the field of transportation and communication services starting from a long time ago.

Turhan pointed out that there are many studies about accessibility in the service areas of the Ministry and said:

Değil We have been working on these issues for many years with our arrangements that we think are essential and our advantageous tariffs in various fields. We have built platforms, ramps, special toll booths and disabled help points to make the station and station buildings suitable for disabled people. We have implemented designs suitable for disabled people in Marmaray and high speed trains (YHT). We enabled our hearing impaired citizens who have smart phones or computer computers to receive services from TCDD via a link. Passengers with a disability rate of 40 and above are allowed to travel alone, and a severely disabled passenger with a disability rate of 50 and above is allowed to travel free of charge with him and his companion. In this way, last year 1 million 100 thousand disabled citizens traveled on YHT and main line regional trains. ”

Keyboard for the visually impaired

Turhan recalled that the PTT also put keypads on the PTTmatic keyboards for the visually impaired and said, “Again, for our visually impaired citizens, we wrote the unit name in Braille alphabet on the deposit, withdrawal and receipt receipt units of some PTTmatiks. We have made some PTTs suitable for the use of our orthopedic disabled siblings. In addition, we have begun to install additional keyboards suitable for the visually impaired in newly purchased ATMs. ”

Number of users in the e-government approaching the 43 million barriers to work to remove the attention of Turhan, as a result of this study, public services of disabled citizens can receive electronic services, he said.

Turhan, Disabled Call Center Project with disadvantaged citizens who know the sign language e-Government Call Center employees have provided the opportunity to make a video call, on the occasion of the Week of Disabled People commemorated by creating a stamp on the issue of social awareness, he added.

Emphasizing the importance of raising awareness in the field of disability, Turhan said:

“Contact and communication, keeping people informed is the most important driving force of awareness. It will be possible to encourage everyone with disabilities, the elderly and people with mobility limitations to participate in daily life by announcing the services provided and sharing positive experiences with qualified agendas. We will announce the long-term benefits of this work to more people as you approach the end of the project's two-year actual duration. ”

At the ceremony, Sümeyye Boyacı, the world champion in swimming, explained her achievements in this sport, which she started without two arms.

Minister Turhan also stated that Boyacı burned one of the torches of awareness that he wanted to spread with his worldwide success.

Train farewell

Minister Turhan, after the speeches, presented a plaque to the names who contributed to the project. Within this scope, swimming champion Sümeyye Boyacı was given a plaque for the members of Aşk Olsun Music Group, which is known as musicians who do not recognize obstacles, and the disabled ballet dancer Mehmet Sefa Öztürk. Whether Bünyamin from Agile Love Music Group, Turkey to quit the touring ballet Öztürk Turhan also requested support from the Minister to ensure appropriate wheelchair dancing.

Turhan, after the ceremony with a group of elderly and disabled people YHT farewell to Konya.

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