Train Accident in Mersin is on Parliament's Agenda

Train Accident in Mersin is on Parliament's Agenda
Train Accident in Mersin is on Parliament's Agenda

CHP Mersin Deputy Av. Ali Mahir Basarir, the train accident that took place in Tarsus today brought to the agenda of parliament.

Bashir of CHP, Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan in a motion to be written in response to the proposal; “One of the 7 people inside the service vehicle was killed and the 3 people were injured, including the 6, as a result of the train crashing into the service vehicle carrying seasonal workers in Yenice - Yunacık area of ​​Tarsus District of Mersin Province. It was observed that there were not even barriers in the level crossing where the accident occurred.

Previously within the scope of the high-speed train project between the Adana-Mersin railways project will be built a large number of underpasses and overpasses, Transport Minister Lütfi Elvan said. However, only the underpass in the Kavaklı District in Tarsus District and the overpass in the Yunusoğlu District were built and the project is at a standstill ”, and asked the following questions to be answered:

1- What are the reasons for the absence of protection barriers in Yenice-Yunacık area where the accident occurred?

2- What are the reasons for stopping the project in question?

3- Why have the overpasses not been built so far?

4- Do you feel responsible for the end or injury of people in the area where the accident occurred because of the lack of underpasses?

5- How many more people will have to die to make these underpasses?

6- so far from 2002 years, Turkey in general has occurred at a level crossing several train wreck? How many citizens lost their lives in these accidents?

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