Air Taxi Service Starts in Mersin

air taxi service in Mersin
air taxi service in Mersin

The helicopter, taken by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality in April of 2018, started to serve with a brand new duty within the scope of the saving measures of Mayor Seçer. The helicopter belonging to the Metropolitan Municipality will now provide Air Taxi service.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer, who has continued his determination on saving measures since he took office, was to make the helicopter taken for the public benefit active use of the citizens. The helicopter, which we are accustomed to seeing in the sky for inspection services, can now be rented by citizens at affordable prices and can serve as Air Taxi.

Discover the unique beauties of Mersin

3 different route dedicated to tourist trips

Agusta model helicopter, which is used by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality primarily for the use of services and duties to be made for public benefit and used for air-controlled inspections, can be rented for touristic purposes and private uses.

Air Taxi service, which is expected to show interest to citizens who are especially precious in time, will be in service of those who want to surprise their loved ones and those who want to watch Mersin from the sky.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, for those who prefer Air Taxi service for tourist trips, 3 has created a different tourist route. Citizens can enjoy the unique beauties of Mersin with 20, 30 and 40 minute routes, where many historical and natural beauties of Mersin can be explored from the sky.

Air taxi service at affordable prices

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality's new service Air Taxi price tariff is as follows; 4-6 helicopter capacity of 9 per person, while the hourly rental fee is 4 thousand TL, while the half-hour rental fee is 500 thousand 6. Thus, the price per person of a flight scheduled for half an hour and with a person of 100 says the average XNUMX Euro.

Those who want to benefit from the Air Taxi service should apply to Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department at least two days before the scheduled flight date. If you want to get detailed information about Air Taxi service, you can get information from 03245333801 phone number which is connected to Transportation Department.

Ersan Topçuoğlu, Head of Transportation Department of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, while giving information about the emergence of the idea of ​​Air Taxi application, fare and route, mentioned that flight can be made to 10 district of Mersin. Topçuoğlu also stated that the Air Taxi could not be used for night flight and the helicopter could be used continuously during the day.



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