Train to the shepherd who wants to take the sheep on the rails in Manisa

manisada cobana train carpti
manisada cobana train carpti

In Turgutlu district of Manisa, 63-year-old shepherd was injured when he was hit by a passenger train while he was trying to get his sheep on the railway.

The incident occurred at the time of 11.00 ranks, near Mustafa Kemal Neighborhood. Hayrettin Ölgen shepherd grazing animals, while trying to get a sheep on the rails, Uşak-Izmir passenger train crashed to Olgen. Impact of the impact of the fall Irmak Creek wounded Olgen, called by ambulance Turgutlu State Hospital was removed.

Olgen was treated in the hospital and was reported to be in good health without a vital condition. The train waiting at the scene for a while, then continued on its way.

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