THY Plane Hitting the Flock of Birds Returns to Istanbul Airport

THY Plane Striking the Flock of Birds Back to Istanbul Airport
THY Plane Striking the Flock of Birds Back to Istanbul Airport

THY's flight from Istanbul to Antalya hit the flock of birds in the air returned. There was a crack in the cockpit window. While deciding on the location of the new Istanbul Airport, many environmental organizations, especially the North Forest Defense, stated that the region is on the birds' migration routes and pointed out that the airport would create a great danger for both birds and planes.

both of Turkish Engineers and Architects Association on the Istanbul Airport (Chamber), both in the North Woods of Defense, prepared by 2014-2015 its report, he stressed insisted that the construction of Turkey is on the route of the important bird now one of the migration routes. The same information was also found in the EIA report, which was recently removed from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

North Forest Defense report, written by the ornithologist Kerem Ali Boyla section of the airport passing through the Bosphorus 'filtered migratory birds' stating that the number of storks and birds of prey on the risk of accidents in the spring over 450 thousand, was recorded in the autumn. It was noted that birds passing through the Bosphorus using thermal air currents were usually storks, eagles, falcons and similar birds of prey, weighing 200 gr to 150 kg, which in turn have serious impacts on collisions with aircraft; it also underlined that the risk of collision / accident with migratory birds increased by 4-3 times compared to Atatürk Airport.

TEMA's 2014 year, 'Three Projects Affecting the Future of Istanbul' report Assoc. Dr. In the related section written by Zeynel Arslangündoğdu, the following warnings were given about aircraft accidents:

Kuş Bird migrations, which have been going on for tens of thousands of years, will continue at the same intensity even if the airport is built. The risk of airplane accidents will increase in the spring and autumn periods when the birds soar. Water birds also migrate intensively in the winter, depending on the weather. The same risk is also seen for these birds. ”(T24)

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