Introducing the MiVue Drive 65 LM Car Camera

MiVue Drive LM Vehicle Camera
MiVue Drive LM Vehicle Camera

The Mio MiVue ™ Drive 65 LM car camera with the IF Design Award makes it easy to reach your destination with your fully equipped companion, without any deviations. With practical and easy-to-use navigation and lifetime map updates, you no longer need to worry about new maps and road changes.

By recording every minute of your journey in Extreme HD quality by MiNue ™ Drive 65 LM, you'll always have proof of what's on the road with every detail it records.

The MiVue ™ Drive 65 LM car camera features an extra large 800-inch screen with 480 × 6.2 pixels resolution and photo mode for ultimate clarity. 30P Extreme HD Recording at 1296 fps uses Sony sensor. With GPS feature, driving information, longitude, latitude and direction are recorded, including speed and altitude. With the hands-free feature, you can make phone calls and broadcast live on Facebook with the hands-free feature, allowing drivers to stay connected while on the road with the built-in Bluetooth feature.

Innovative and Enhanced driver support MiVue ™ Drive 65 LM comes with integrated Advanced Driver Support Systems (ADAS) to help you achieve your goal. Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) and Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS) help you stay alert while on the road, adding excellent safety to the device.

Advanced Driver Support Systems with many features such as Front Collision Warning System, Lane Change Warning System, Stop & Go and so on are installed. Warnings and alarms also inform you throughout your driving to ensure you get to your destination safely. With GPS, you can easily access information including speed and altitude, driving information, longitude, latitude and direction.

The built-in 3-axis G-sensor detects sudden movements. When a sudden movement is detected, the camera image is automatically recorded and locked to prevent any recording from being recorded. It protects the integrity of the file during recording, so you always know where your file is after a possible accident. You can instantly copy and move your videos, whether you are traveling memories or records you need to insure; With the MiVue ™ Drive 65 LM Series, you can quickly and easily access the images of your car camera. WIFI updates keep your MiVue ™ Drive 65 LM car cameras always up to date.



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