Sales Announcement from KARDEMİR!

sales announcement from Kardemir
sales announcement from Kardemir

Karabük Iron and Steel Factories (KARDEMIR), construction iron, billet, blooms, profiles, angles, rail, thick round, mine pole, coils, bars and peaks are scheduled to be sold.

Kardemir's Public Disclosure Platform (PDP) statement, according to the sales procedure in July-September 2019 period is scheduled to sell products through price lists said.

The amount of goods registered 30 percent registered, 70 percent of the transfer, said:

135 thousand, 40 thousand 500 and 94 thousand 500 tons of construction with ribbed construction. Billet + blooms 219 thousand, 65 thousand 700 and 153 thousand 300 tons. Profile + angle bar + rail 106 bin, 31 thousand 800 and 74 thousand 200 tons; thick round + mine pole, coil-rod 111 thousand 500, 33 thousand 450 and 78.050 tons; peak 10, 3 and 7 thousand tons. Demand for the shareholder customers, the company name / personal names, the stock they have, the amount of products they can buy, but not in the list. It is announced to all our customers. ”

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