KARDEMİR Gives Start of Three Investments Simultaneously

kardemir gave the start of three investments simultaneously
kardemir gave the start of three investments simultaneously

Aiming to increase its capacity to 3,5 million tons, KARDEMİR gave the start of three investments simultaneously. KARDEMİR's No. 4 Blast Furnace has been stopped for the revision today. The No. 2 Converter capacity in the steelworks was halted today to be increased to 120 tons, and the No. 1 Lime Factory to 425 tons.

KARDEMİR General Manager, who made evaluations about three investments initiated simultaneously. Hüseyin Soykan said;

“As it is known, one of our main goals is to increase our production capacity to 3,5 Million tons. To date, we have completed many investments aimed at this goal and put it into operation. Today, we have started the investments that will bring our company one step closer to the target of 3,5 Million tons. In this context, we have stopped our 4 Blast Furnace, which is due for revision. Our investment plan is to re-fire the 106 day after refreshing the blast furnace. Again, we have renewed one of our 90 ton converters in our melt shop today to increase 120 tonnes. Simultaneously with these investments, we will increase our 260 ton / day capacity lime factory to 425 ton / day capacity. Our investments in this region will be completed in 124 day and will be put into operation with all environmental technologies. 4, which is still under construction. We are planning to commission the Continuous Casting Machine on October 15. In 2018, we produced 2 Million 413 Thousand tons of liquid steel. After the completion of these investments, our liquid steel production infrastructure will reach the level of 2 Million 900 Thousand tons and both our billet supply to our region and the final product amount in other rolling mills will increase. ”



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