KARDEMİR Distributed Saplings as a Gift for Employees


Karabük Iron and Steel Factories (KARDEMIR) Inc. Due to Ramadan Feast, the factory organized a beautiful environmental event at the collective celebration ceremony.

The 5 June World Environment Day, which will be celebrated tomorrow, was distributed to all employees as a holiday gift for all employees. As in every year, KARDEMİR organized a festive festive ceremony. In the factory known as the Rolling Mill Square, the Chairman of the Board of Directors Kamil Güleç, General Manager; Hüseyin Soykan, Vice President of Özçelik İş Union Recep Akyel, Deputy General Manager of Operations Hasan Akbulut, Deputy General Manager of Technical Services and Investments Mansur Yeke, unit managers, Özçelik İş Union Chairman of the Branch of Karabük Ulvi Üngören and branch management and union representatives and shifts employees engaged.

Chairman of the Board of Directors Kamil Güleç and General Manager, who celebrated their holidays with one-handed handshake with approximately 2.000 employees. Hüseyin Soykan gave his employees a seedling that says üz You can plan this sapling which is a holiday gift of our company and grow with love iyle.

KARDEMİR's Chairman of the Board of Directors Kamil Güleç told reporters at the celebration ceremony;

“We had a beautiful month of Ramadan in peace. After that, I sincerely hope that our country will have a nice holiday in unity and solidarity.

Today at Kardemir, we give a gift to all our employees as a souvenir of this holiday and commemorating the World Environment Day. They're gonna plant these in their gardens and make these seedlings live. We are an environmentally friendly company. I'm telling you that we have finished our environmental investments and reported this to our ministry. We have completed an environmental investment of around $ 150 million. We made our application for our permit. In memory of this, we want to show our respect to the environment by distributing these saplings and then to show how we will continue with the environment.

We have invested more than 25 billion dollars for 2,5 years in Kardemir. These investments made us able to produce high value added products. At the end of this year, Kardamir will hope that 3 will reach a million tons / year production level. Next year we will add one blast furnace. With him, 3,5 will have a million. Producing only 500 thousand tons / year rebar, this factory has become able to produce many products with high added value today. They have started from the rail in the first place, we produce heavy profiles do not exist in Turkey. We built the wire rod factory to supply raw materials to the machinery manufacturing industry. We built the wheel factory, whose hot tests are about to end. This giant factory produces high value-added products. Here, we will produce products to the arms industry, the automotive industry and the machinery manufacturing industry. After that, I hope we will be producing these products as the order arrives.

I see the face of our employees laugh. This is what is most important to us. I wish everyone more happy in the name of the board of directors and I wish everyone a happy holiday, I wish this holiday will be instrumental in charity. Yönetim

Dursun Tapıkara, working as a Transport Operator in the Steel Production Directorate, said that they were very happy to be given a sapling as a gift to them and said that it was a very big organization of Karabük and our country which gave importance to Kardemir's environment and its employees. As a CNC Turning Operator in Çubuk Kangal Rolling Mill, our skilled worker Mustafa Duygu, who added a new product to the Muslim world of the Ramadan Feast, is a company that respects the environment and is proud to work here. This sapling given as a gift is very meaningful.

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