Hero Woman Driver Awarded with Gold

hero woman was awarded with sofor gold
hero woman was awarded with sofor gold

Zeydan Karalar, Mayor of Adana Metropolitan Municipality, rewarded Adana Metropolitan Municipality Bus Driver Zeliha Elbüken, who brought her passengers to the hospital with a heart attack and returned to life.

In the event, the support of the driver on the bus to the Adana, Zeliha Elbüken'in sensitivity as a result of an absolute death Zilfo Adiyaman returned.


Zeydan Karalar, Mayor of Adana Metropolitan Municipality, gave flowers to Zeliha Elbüken, whom she visited in the Directorate of Transportation Department of the Department of Transportation, for giving importance to human life, and was awarded full republican gold.


Stating that human life is above everything, Mayor Zeydan Karalar said, “Our colleague gave an example of humanity by raising a disturbed citizen to the hospital immediately. Our fellow citizens on the bus did not react negatively to the driver's driving to the hospital, putting human life first. On the contrary, they supported the example of humanity. We congratulate our colleague. Human life is above all. Rescued people's children, spouse, relatives, will be grateful to our colleagues. We congratulate him, Transportation Inc. Thank you on behalf of. We want this behavior to set an example for everyone. We will do our job in the best way, we will not compromise our work, but we will remember that every step we take, every task we perform is on behalf of humanity. ”


President Zeydan Karalar, who gave Zeliha Elbüken a full republican gold, said, Adana Metropolitan Municipality reward for those who do their job well, those who do not do the job well means that the criminal sanction. You are carrying lives and therefore you have to do your job in the best way. With this award, we remind you of the importance of your business. We will reward those who do their job well, if not always with the Republican gold, otherwise. But I want our brothers who do not do their duty, do not use the goods of the state well and damage the vehicle they use, to hear that everything will be very different from now on. After this time, those who damage the state property will be punished, ”he said.

Zeliha Elbüken'in, humanitarian behavior for the reward that does not know that President Zeydan Karalar, peacefully presented to him with the award said.


Mayor Zeydan Karalar concluded his speech as follows: “We are doing a public service. We serve the city where we live, where we live, where our children and grandchildren live, where we live, we are born, we grow up, we will be buried. We both serve the city we live in and receive salaries. Such a task makes municipal employees privileged but increases their responsibilities. Therefore, the better the municipality employees serve, the more they will actually serve their own city, their people and themselves. I invite our friends to work with this understanding and we will not be able to allow it if it is already the opposite. ”


Zeliha Elbüken, who was rewarded by Mayor Zeydan Karalar, also thanked them and said that she had raised an elderly person to the hospital and later learned that she had returned to life and that she was happy to be thanked.

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