Transportation Examination Organization in İzmir

transportation examination in izmir
transportation examination in izmir

15 June-16 A series of measures were taken by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality due to the Higher Education Institutions Examination to be held on June 2019. The number of flights has been increased in order not to have difficulty in accessing the examination centers. ESHOT General Directorate, taking into consideration the exam hours, the centers of the exam centers, metro-connected lines, 525 Bornova Metro - Ege University Campus and 412 Tınaztepe - Campus lines put additional flights.

353 Gaziemir ın Tinaztepe, 290 Bostanlı Iskele az Tinaztepe, 390 Tinaztepe – Bornova Metro 596 Katip Çelebi University – Egekent Transfer, 690 Tınaztepe – F.Altay Transfer lines all day, 63 Evka 3 Metro-T -Halkapınar Metro, 70 Gaziemir-Halkapınar Metro, 80 Bostanlı İskele-Konak, 90 Egekent Transfer-Konak lines will serve between 121-802 hours in the morning.

Metro and tram services have been compacted by taking into consideration the intensity that will occur before and after the exam. IZDENIZ General Directorate also took measures to make additional expeditions as needed.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality operated by all personnel in charge of transportation systems, exam documents were given to provide convenience to candidates showing the documents.

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