Beautiful News from Izmir Bay

There are good news from izmir korfez
There are good news from izmir korfez

In the underwater photographs taken from different parts of İzmir Bay, a different type of pipe was found for the first time. Prof. Dr. Ege University Faculty of Fisheries Faculty member who stated that this type and color of a fisherman who loves clean seas is displayed for the first time. Levent Yunga said, ğı Because the pollution in İzmir Bay was reduced, they had the chance to live and grow. This is a remarkable and pleasing situation. Bu

The latest report from the Institute of Marine Sciences and Technology at Dokuz Eylül University revealed that the recovery in the Gulf continued.

In the Gulf of Izmir where all kinds of waste is evacuated by the years until 2000, the cleaning process of the Metropolitan Municipality, which has gained momentum with its environmental investments, continues rapidly. The underwater photographs taken by the General Directorate of İZSU for the purpose of detecting life under the sea once again revealed the recovery in the Gulf. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Youth and Sports Club Underwater Imaging Team trainer underwater diver and underwater photographer Murat Kaptan during the dive to be seen before a n & q uot, pipe-formed Takım type attracted the attention of the scientific world.

University initiated investigation
Ege University Faculty of Fisheries Faculty Member Levent Yunga, the first time in the inner Gulf of this size and color of a pipe-formed type of display is a welcome message, he said. Yunga stated that they will examine in the laboratory to find out which type of pipe is 2-1 inches long in Narlıdere at 2 meters. UM Xnumx-Xnumx has been established in our seas. But for the first time we see this size and color pipe worm in Izmir Bay. We're going to see what kind of labos ratto do. Perhaps it may also be a new species for the first time in Izmir Bay. If it is a new kind, we will send it to abroad. Perhaps this is the type of the whole world to be announced from Izmir. No matter what the kind of water filter, seawater, phytoplankton, bacteria, algae picking up and feeding, fan-shaped tentacles of the breathing of the wolves in the dirty seas can not live because of the chance to live. The color and size of the photographed pipe worm is very pleasant and remarkable. Because the pollution in Izmir Bay was reduced and they had the chance to grow and multiply. Pipe worms like to grow in clean seas, Boru he said.

Since 2000 started the Grand Canal Project, Yunga stated that the Gulf of Izmir started to be cleaned in the following years.

Bir When we look at the 25 annual process of İzmir Bay, we see this improvement very clearly. In 1995, when we look at the images taken from the Gulf, there was no view. Now there are thousands of seahorses in Konak. The fact that the seahorses are clean shows that the sea is clean. Fish from the outer bay to the inner gulf, lobsters, shrimps are coming, because the pollution load to the Gulf is blocked. The latest seaside meadows in Yassıcaada are also very good for our Gulf. In the coastal regions of the Mediterranean, it is pleasing to find out that the sea meadows grow in the Izmir Bay. It shows that the sea is clean. We hope the sea meadows grow even more. When the flow of pollution was prevented, the sea started to clean itself. The important thing is to protect it Önemli.

Nice news from September
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality closely follows the changes in Izmir Bay after the great environmental investments with the scientific studies of the Institute of Marine Sciences and Technology of Dokuz Eylul University.

The latest report of the University, including the 2018 period, showed that the recovery in the Gulf continued to increase, just as in 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012. In the report, it was noted that there was an increase in the number of living species with the elevated levels of dissolved oxygen observed at low levels that would not allow living beings to live before the treatment plants. The dissolved oxygen level (one of the indicators of high water quality) in the 2000, which has fallen to zero in 2018 and did not give a chance to live, was measured at 7 mg / lt levels in the Gulf in the year 4. This value should not be less than 5-XNUMX mg / lt depending on the type of living organisms in surface waters for living creatures.

Under the gulf of color
The cockroach, sea meadows, crabs and anemones that Murat Kaptan has taken photos of reflect the colorful world under the Izmir Bay. Photos taken at the same time from different points of the Gulf of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality also reveals that the sample quality treatment in Turkey.

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