13 Million Trees for Istanbul Airport

million trees for the airport
million trees for the airport

📩 22/06/2019 16:02

3 by the North Forest Defense (KOS). According to the analysis on the satellite imagery at the airport site, full 13 million trees were cut down due to construction. In the EIA report of the project, it was stated that the number of trees to be cut will be 2 and a half million. According to KOS analysis, 13 million of the 8 million trees were sacrificed to the airport, 1.2 million to the quarries opened for the construction of the airport, and 3.7 million to the North Marmara Highway, which provides access to the airport.

SözcüAccording to the report of Ozlem Guvemli'nin; “The North Forest Defense (KOS) is one of the most discussed projects in Istanbul by 3. Calculated the number of trees cut for the airport since 2012.

To the account made, 3. The quarries opened for the construction of the airport and the surrounding airport and the North Marmara Motorway, which provides access to the airport, were also joined. According to this account 3. As stated in the EIA report prepared for the airport, the number of trees to be cut was not limited to 2 and a half million and it was determined that the number of trees increased to 13 million. According to the analysis, between 2012-2019 years, 8 million at the airport project site, at least 2 million for 1.2 quarries opened for construction, and 3.7 million for North Marmara Motorway providing access to the airport were slaughtered.


Ayşe destructor, the city planner from the North Forest Defense, said that the area covered by the felled trees is about 6 thousand 500 hectares, and that 4 thousand hectares of it is 3. The airport stated that it is a forest area within the project site.

Disruptive northern forests 'protection forest' to be declared Turkey Foresters campaign launched in conjunction with the Association by supporting calls for "North Woods does not take place only within the boundaries of Istanbul, goes up to Düzce from the Bulgarian border. When we say forest, the first thing that comes to our mind is always a tree, but our account actually covers only one member of a destroyed living space. Millions of people living there, along with the trees, both lost their lives and lost their homes. Our loss is huge, but the billions of trees in the Northern Forests still continue to breathe into Thrace, Istanbul and Anatolia. The reason for these killer projects was to open up the northern forests to the plunder of the construction masters. Together we can disrupt these calculations of these ravaged rant and looting focuses. ”


Istanbul University -Cerrahpasa Faculty of Forestry Professor. Ünal Akkemik explained the effects of such a loss of forest area on Istanbul: kayıp This loss means the balance of the natural ecosystem. It's destroying wildlife. It means a decrease in the oxygen and clean air production function of an entire forest in the north of Istanbul. The northern winds will now carry less air. In metropolises like Istanbul, temperatures rise in the long run. The climate balance is deteriorating. Green areas in metropolitan areas should be more holistic. As the northern forests break down, the effect of Istanbul on maintaining heat balance decreases. Istanbul city temperature is increasing. "

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