Forgotten Items on IETT Buses

Forgotten items on iett buses are increased
Forgotten items on iett buses are increased

The forgotten items on the IETT buses by passengers 2 July 2019 will be launched on Tuesday by auction method.

Items on the IETT buses 2 July 2019 will be launched on Tuesday at 09.00-12.00 with an auction at Karaköy Station Building. IETT buses, stops, metro, tram, metrobus vehicles and all the items that were forgotten and delivered to the authorities are recorded and stored in accordance with the IETT General Directorate General Directorate of Goods Directive for storage, delivery to the owner, destruction, grant and auction method.

All items that have not been delivered to the owner, have not been handed over and whose storage period has expired are decomposed; clothing, handbags, books, stationery and textiles etc. goods are donated to the Turkish Red Crescent. Electronic and electrical goods that can not be delivered to the owner after the waiting period is over, under the supervision of the tender commission after all technical evaluations are made to auction by auction.

What to do to find the passenger's goods?
Bus, metrobus, subway, tram, stall and stations, for the items you think you have forgotten and lost, the same day you can go to the head of the business administration or contact ALO153. On other days You can fill out the lost goods form at IETT or come to IETT in person and you can reach the items you lost.

Date: 2 July 2019 (Tuesday)
Time: 09: 00 - 12: 00
Location: IETT General Directorate
Karaköy Station Building (Tünel's Karaköy Entrance)

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