Pedestrian Priority Traffic Arrangement in Gerede

pedestrian priority traffic arrangement will be made
pedestrian priority traffic arrangement will be made

"Pedestrian Priority Traffic" application is being implemented by Gerede Municipality. The 4444,8 m2 road line, 1133 m2 pedestrian crossings and slowdown warnings will be made for the Boulevard, Avenue and Streets determined by Gerede Municipality Directorate of Science. The tender will be held on Wednesday, 10 July at 10.30 in Gerede Municipal Assembly Hall.

In order to relieve the traffic flow and ensure safe passage of pedestrians across the street, it is reported that work will continue throughout the district under certain plans and programs. The boulevards, streets and streets that are planned to be constructed with double-component paint and pedestrian visions and pedestrian crossings are; Turgut Özal Street, Atatürk Boulevard, Yüzüncüüyıl Street, Hafız Esat Gerede Street, Yaprak Street, M.Akif Ersoy Street, Avaroğlu Street, Muallim Evler Street, Hacı Emin Efendi Street, Cumhuriyet Street, Old School Street, Çongar Street, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Street , Cayboyu Street, Dertli Street, Haci Baki Cevikoglu Street, Nalbant Street. The boulevards, streets and streets, which are planned to be constructed with thermoplastic paint, also provide night vision; Inside Hal Bazaar, Open Market Area, Around Hal Bazaar, Hükümet Street, Esentepe Road, Lale Street, Turgut Ozal Street, Ataturk Boulevard, Haci Emin Efendi Street, Osmanli Street, Cumhuriyet Street, Abdurrahman Sahin Street, Necip Fazil Street, Ozlem Street, Mimar Sinan Avenue, Yüzüncüüyıl Avenue, Nalbant Avenue, Avaroğlu Avenue.

Mayor Mustafa Allar stated that pedestrians have the advantage of transition in traffic after the declaration of “Pedestrian Priority Traffic” by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. As Gerede Municipality, we will draw such warning letters to the pedestrian crossings in our district and especially around the school in order to support this campaign in the best way. In order to relax the traffic flow and ensure safer crossing of pedestrians across the street, our teams will continue their work throughout the district within the framework of a specific plan and program. We will support all kinds of education, projects and collaboration necessary for pedestrians and for this. "

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