Metro Works in Gebze Continue at Full Speed

gebzede metro construction continues at full speed
gebzede metro construction continues at full speed

Union of Municipalities of Marmara and Kocaeli Mayor Assoc. Dr. Tahir Büyükakın, Gebze district and the most prestigious project in the region supervised the work of the subway. Firstly, Büyükakın made a survey in the warehouse area in Gebze Organized Industrial Zone and later saw the latest situation in Gebze Town Square. Gebze Mayor Zinnur Büyükgöz and AK Party District Chairman İrfan Ayar also made a statement after the review of the President Büyükakın, "Metro construction continues as planned. There is no stopping or disruption. I hope that in the coming period, the most prestigious vision project of Gebze will be the subway. Tı

After inspecting the construction of the station in Gebze City Square, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Dr. Tahir Büyükakın said, “We have examined the construction works on site with our Mayor of Gebze, district mayor and technical friends. At the same time, we also visited the environment and asked if there was any negative situation affecting our citizens and tradesmen in terms of traffic order and occupational safety measures during the construction phase of the construction. Our tradesmen had some ideas and suggestions, we evaluated them quickly and stated that we would do what was necessary. We will take some measures to enable our people to reach the environment artisans more easily. In this way, we will improve the conditions of our environmental tradesmen ”.

Mayor Büyükakın stated that the works in Gebze City Square are continuing as quickly as possible and said, X 17 meter has been descended in our work in the city center. In fact, the 52 will go down to meters. Therefore, we take very important measures for the safety of construction. We go step by step on every stage. Occasionally, due to these measures, construction is progressing within the framework of a business plan. This construction work in the city square continues with the efforts of our teams and construction site employees. As we continue to work on the construction of the subway, we hear statements and evaluations such as the construction of the subway stopped. This has nothing to do with reality. Therefore, our citizens never have to worry. The construction of the subway is continuing and I hope that it will be the most prestigious vision project of Gebze in the coming period. Yap

Mayor Büyükakın, who received the necessary presentations and information, did not neglect to mention the importance of occupational safety, as well as the Deputy Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality, Mustafa Altay and the technical team, as well as the construction site workers and chiefs of the company that undertook the metro project. Mayor Büyükakın, who saw the works of Gebze OSB - Darıca Coastal Line, which was designed as high-tech, driverless, economical, safe, flexible and developable to be built between Darıca and Gebze, on the Gebze City Square and exchanged views by visiting tradesmen, He once again stated to the tradesmen that a series of new measures would be taken to prevent it from occurring. In a sincere manner that does not break the tea invitation of the tradesmen sohbet President Büyükakın also thanked Gebzelis for the interest shown to him. Mayor Büyükakın also did not neglect to convey the last point reached in the city square leg of the metro project to the tradesmen on the project drafts.

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