Tram and Municipal Buses Free During the Bayram in Gaziantep

gaziantepte holiday tram and municipal buses free
gaziantepte holiday tram and municipal buses free

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Ramadan Feast took all the necessary measures in all units, citizens comfortable, peace and confidence to complete the preparations for the feast holiday.


3 will continue during the daily Ramadan Feast this year within the scope of Metropolitan Municipality's Otobüs Free Bus Pass in the Feast ”application. Buses and trams connected to Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Gaziantep Transportation Inc. (GAZİULAŞ) will carry free passengers so that citizens can visit cemeteries and relatives without any transportation problems. Buses will carry a free passenger every 30 minute to Balikli-Yesilkent Cemetery and Balikli-Asri Cemetery on Arife. During the Eid al-Fitr, the B10 Zoo-Fish line 4 will take place once every 22 minute. On the other hand, private public buses throughout the feast will carry passengers at a discount.


Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Municipal Police will provide the necessary controls in transportation traffic teams, stops and lines in order to provide the layout in the urban transportation and to ensure that the public can make their holiday visits easily. Municipal teams, from the day of the food control by increasing frequency, will allow citizens to consume healthy food. Teams, Gaziler Street, Mütercim Asım, Fisheries Park, especially around the various places of the city, peddlers and peddlers will intensify their audits. Metropolitan, all the units and general directorates at the task will be on duty. ALO 153 7 will continue to receive the wishes, requests and complaints of the people of Gaziantep by working in 24 hours.


Metropolitan, citizens to make the health of the tombs to make healthier in the graveyards of the poor image of the grass cleared, deteriorating paths, roads, paved the way for the stone. Security measures were increased in cemeteries during the feast. Accordingly, 10 will provide motorized mobile safety. Citizens in the military martyrdom on the military street 2; Yasin-i Şerif will be given as a gift to the grave. Near the 500 in the cemetery the fountain of hayrat was repaired by Gaziantep Water and Sewerage Administration (GASKI). On the other hand, a wish and complaint tent will be established at 1 No Street Entrance and wishes and complaints from citizens will be evaluated.


The world's largest Mosaic Museum, the first planetarium public in Turkey and Science Center, Botanical Garden, Wonderland amusement center, Turkey's largest zoo, coppersmiths to provide relief for those who come to see the local values ​​such as Bazaar and Kültüryol of. Within the scope of the application of tourists, restaurants, cafes, dried nuts, spices, shopping malls, hairdressers, touristic inns, souvenirs and touristic places will be open throughout the festival.



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